Opel, shows succinctly that could be your new large SUV

three days Ago that we told you what were the plans of the PSA Group for Opel for the next seven years. Some of the lines of action that will follow, to return to the German mark to the path of the profitability, of face to the year 2020, are to launch up to nine new models by using the hybridization and electrification. For this purpose use the engines and the platforms CMP and EMP2 PSA has been developing and putting to point for the last few years.

The two models that will hit the market in the first place will be the Corsa and Combo of the new generation. In addition, it is expected the arrival of a large SUV (or all terrain), which serves to close the range all way of the mark from the high part. Of these three models is little known today, but these events always escapes any information or picture that help us to pull the thread. In this case, we are talking about the image that opens these lines.

As you can see, it looks the front of what could be the next model of the brand. Several media spoke at first that it could be the design that will look the next-generation of the Corsa. However, if we look carefully between this image and the front that looks like the Grandland X we can intuit that this concept (to call it somehow) is running ahead of the image that may look the announced large SUV from Opel.

In the image we can intuit a few headlights arent that include Led daytime running lights with the shape of the letter ā€œLā€ inverted. The hood features a series of curved marks that ends in a front grill of small size and the emblem of Opel in the center. The width and height of the set (for the perspective of the snapshot) it seems excessive to be an urban use and, therefore, that the smart thing is to think that this model came out ahead of the aforementioned SUV and not the new Corsa.

Even so, this new concept features a design very elaborate it could well be that: a simple concept to mark the style of design that will be the next models of the German mark. For now there is no more data, but the next Corsa will arrive in a couple of years and therefore it will not be long in discovering its definitive design.

Source ā€“ Opel

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