Opel will be the spearhead of the development of electric PSA Group


Headquarters of Opel in Germany.

This week will be announced on the new strategic plan PSA Group for Opel as part of the structure of the group. So that will be announced the immediate plans of the German mark, officially part of the French conglomerate since last August 1.

For the moment, the German brand continues with the same path and strategy of product that had a path before moving to be part of PSA, which includes the use of designs and elements that are still part of General Motors, as well as the manufacturing of some models for different brands of the u.s. corporation.

According to some reports, this new strategic plan is something more than a simple ad, corporate, and will represent a before and after for the signing of Rüsselsheim, as will be a sudden change of direction for the German brand at the level of product and development.


technical Center of Opel in Rüsselsheim.

These reports put forward that the German brand could remove some of the current models of its range, to reorient themselves and to focus on segments of higher margin, which would make up the German firm’s group to bring it closer to its German rivals. Likewise, the firm, until now limited to work on the european continent by direct mandate of the dome of General Motors in Michigan, you can have at the end of the international projection of which has never been able to enjoy.

In the same way, Opel would be the spearhead of the development of electric vehicle technology group, with the famous technical centre of Opel to the head of this development. At the moment it is unknown the extent of the plans of PSA in this sense, but by what was said, bet it happens because it is in Rüsselsheim where to take the baton of the project.

More than likely, also be advertised certain cuts in the structure of the German brand, as well as the most probable step to the existing platforms of the French group. The new plan will be submitted by Michael Lohscheller, the current CEO of the firm German this week.