Opel will focus on electric cars, and SUVS thanks to the under PSA

Opel Ampera-e

Opel will focus on electric cars and will continue to increase its SUV family.

The fact that Opel has changed hands it is inevitable that you come accompanied by major changes in future plans (short-and long-term) of the German brand which is now owned by the PSA Group after having paid the whopping 2,200 million euros to General Motors, who decides to give back to the european market and to focus on other duties. Now, what can change in the mark of the lightning in the next few years? Karl-Thomas Neumann, CEO of Opel, us clears some doubts.

Not long ago, after they uncovered the surprise that PSA wanted to buy Opel at General Motors discussed extensively and detailed some information that pointed to the fact that Opel could focus on electric cars as the main niche market in the coming years. Well, now Neumann comes to the ratification of this great bet and other innovations are on the way.

In particular, the high charge of the Opel confirms that the brand will focus on electric cars developing and marketing new models as well as by the SUV with a new “flagship”. Following the presentation of the Crossland X we know that the new SUV, which Opel will launch on the market will be the Grandland X (C-SUV). Model which is currently being developed and whose debut will take place at the end of this year.

Opel Crossland X 2017

The Opel Crossland X is the last member to join the range SUV of the German mark. Later you will arrive the Grandland X.

Although he did not enter much into detail, Karl-Thomas Neumann said that in addition to the new Opel Ampera-e (a model brother of the Chevrolet Bolt) have planned more electric cars. However, and in this case, the future pure electric vehicles marketed the German brand will use the platform e-CMP. For its part, plug-in hybrids that use a combustion engine of gasoline will be seated on the platform EMP2.

Also noteworthy is that the planning set by the brand has been placed in “neutral” and reorganize their priorities for the next few years. A clear example of what we have with the delay of the new Opel Corsa, which will arrive a year later to the market to be able to adopt a platform of PSA. Initially the launch was scheduled for 2019 but we will not see it until 2020. The new generation of utilitarian German will use the platform EMP1 group automobile French.

For this year, Opel was set the plan “7 in the 17”, that is to say, to make a total of seven pitches. Many of them have already been announced already discussed the above-mentioned Crossland X but we also have the new Badge Grand Sport or the Badge Sporst Tourer. Times are ahead important to the brand of lightning.