Opel will keep its plans in the medium term despite the purchase of PSA

Presentación Opel Crossland X

The most important news of this month in the automotive sector has been the purchase of Opel by PSA. The French group acquired the German brand belonging, until then, the american manufacturer General Motors by 2,200 million euros. Little bit more we knew until the moment but now Karl-Thomas Neumann, CEO of Opel, has made a statement to Auto Motor und Sport about some details of the mark concerning his future.

In the future in the medium term of the brand is concerned, Opel will continue the plans of his offensive product as the launch of a second SUV high quality, being the second flagship model after the Opel Insignia, which will hit the market soon. In addition to Neumann also stated that the range of electric vehicles, until now only represented by the Opel Ampera-e, will be extended. We can hope, at least, a new power of great autonomy.

Presentación Opel Crossland X

The brand recently acquired by PSA will continue its offensive the launch of 7 new products in the short term. In addition, Neumann will continue to lead of the German firm of the beam. “it Is important for me to be in front of the employees and show leadership, what I have done in the past and will continue to do so,” said the head of Opel. Beyond these upcoming releases that were already scheduled, the brand will continue to have their own ideas for design and development their products, although future models (long-term) used platforms of PSA and not GM.

Neumann also commented that the highest priority now it was the re – to obtain profitability in Europe for your brand, reducing the cost of development with PSA. Opel will try to stay strong in Germany and the Uk (Vauxhall), its main markets. For the moment, the signature shall not enter fully into the chinese market. Says Neumann that China already is not the remedy to solve the problems that a brand has in the rest of the markets; a strategy that Peugeot is working, so far, very well.

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