Opel will provide data that are more truthful about their consumption and emissions


The new Astra is situated at the head of the efficiency of Opel

The scandal of emissions Volkswagen has been splashed across the industry. The world has realized that there is much difference between the official data provided by the marks and the actual data for the day-to-day. The cycles of approval are not effective, and therefore every day more brands are added voluntarily to the proposal to show actual data. The last of them has been Opel.

In an exercise of transparency, the German brand has just advised that from next month of June will offer information registered by the regulation WLTP (Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedures). At the beginning of next year, this procedure will replace the current NEDC, the current system is that many headaches are bringing to the industry currently.

The first model of the German firm in disclosing its data will be the new Opel Astra. As the reference model and the avant-garde in the house, the compact will show from the next month of June. These figures, which will be posted on a website created by Opel for the occasion, will show the margins of consumption in the cycle WLTP. This will provide values much more transparent than current ones, which have already shown their ineffectiveness.

in Addition, as of August, Opel also will move forward to the legislation RDE (Real Driving Emissions) implementing an initiative to improve the NOx emissions in vehicles with diesel engines Euro6 with the introduction of new catalysts for selective reduction. A measure that will become mandatory soon, and that will truly show data contrasted with an actual driving. Far from the current procedures.

At present, many models of Opel already certified to Euro6 and catalysts SCR. Units of the Zafira Tourer, Insignia and Cabrio. The brand will offer voluntarily a recalibration for those of 57,000 units that are already circulating in Spain from next month of June. The step for the workshop will be bare-bones and at all times will be the mark that you will accept the costs of the procedure.

there is no doubt that this step is welcomed by all parties. It is remarkable that every day more brands are added to this proposal and we are ahead of the changes. For years manufacturers have been, providing data on fuel consumption and emissions very distant to the actual, fomented in great measure by legislation to excessively permissive. The change will be to best, showing a industry more transparent and truthful.


diesel engines are the main affected by the change of legislation.

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