Opel will return to the name “GSi”

2017 been a year of many changes for the Opel brand, but that does not mean you have renounced your traditions. The classic acronym “GSi” accompany some of the models of the German brand

Por complete an intense year, the German firm has prepared a surprise for the Frankfurt motor show: the return of the mythical acronym “GSi” to accompany any of their models, a name that by if you do not remember the German brand used in the past for some models such as the Kadett.

The confirmation came via the chief designer Opel Mark Adams, who published it in his account of Instagram the photo that heads this article. Adams mentioned that this was the first image of an “exciting” car that you are about to submit.

The GSi will be one of the major developments that Opel has prepared for the Frankfurt motor show, although by the time the mark of the lightning has not provided more information. In the past, the acronym was used to identify the models with skills more sports, always under the most radical OPC.

we do Not know if that opportunity will be later versions of the sporting Astra or Insignia or if on the contrary it is the name of a specific model. What is certain is that there will be a surprise at Frankfurt and although we are still separated by several months, surely Opel will be releasing more data with greater details of this new model.