Opel with the Crossland X wants to woo the female audience

Opel Crossland X

When a brand decides to launching a product to market you must think very well where you want to go with him. Before his design was carried out many and varied market research to know what will be your target audience, whether it will be male or female, if will be addressed to people with a purchasing power medium-high, or if instead it will be positioned in a lower part of the market.

With all this information you begin to design the product, as it must meet a number of basic conditions to fit the results of the study. These steps (discussed in very simplified way) the carrying out of all the brands without exception, , but sometimes you can widen when you are going to launch to the market a product with a profile that is more special or minority.

Opel Crossland X

Opel, with the commercial launch of the Grandland X and Crossland X is played a lot, since their presence in the SUV segment is only covered by the Mokka X. This is so because even though that is going well still have to improve your positioning in this segment of the market, if you want to increase its global sales and to improve their economic results.

According to Karl-Thomas Neumann, CEO of Opel, the Crossland X is a car that likes to especially women. This information was provided on the basis of the market studies that were conducted in the firm to raise the development of the model. With this guides us perfectly did what the plot of the market is directed and which are his claims when it arrives at the dealers.

These statements have been endorsed by Tina Mueller (responsible for the marketing of the model) because he added that “women love to [the Crossland X], because we like the high seating position and 24-hour concierge service OnStar, which allows you to book a hotel when you’re driving”. With these words we can see how the German brand are following the same path that you have already made Fiat to launch the range 500 and its derivatives.

however, a signature of the size of Opel then this type of statements can be counterproductive. Today products (despite the fact that they have to be directed to a public main) have to have a global vocation. The reason is simple since if a product is encasilla in a category of the market, and this for any reason suffers a setback, can be doomed to failure and then change the positioning of the product market will become a herculean task.

remains to Be seen if the market and the time gives reason to the leaders of the German firm.

Source – Opel