Opel Zafira: 7-seater for less than 18,000 euros, but… is it a good idea to buy it with a new generation already filed?

Opel has introduced a new Opel Zafira, a fresh generation with a new image and technological improvements, but while we await the arrival to the streets of this Opel Zafira 2016 we can’t lose sight of that, if you are looking for a mpv 7-seater, you have in promotion to the outgoing version by less than 18,000 euros.

You have to take into account that the Opel Zafira has recently received an update:

The version promoted, with a price 17.900 euros, is a Opel Zafira Tourer equipped with the diesel engine 1.6 CDTI 120 horses and has a correct allocation of equipment in which there are alloy wheels, climate control bizona, the multimedia system with MP3 player and bluetooth, and the system Opel OnStar with WiFi.

This promotional price includes the discount for large families, logical if we take into account that it is a car 7-seater and the contribution of the Plan PIVE 8 in addition to promotional discounts timely.

what A good opportunity? Since then it is a good alternative if you’re looking for a mpv 7-seater and you don’t mind the fact that it has recently received an update that you can find in the article “More modern and technological than ever: the new Opel Zafira 2016, in 4 keys” and whose price has not yet been announced by Opel.