Opel Zafira Tourer 2017, when discovered in its early leaked images


Although the SUVS and ‘crossover’ of all segments and sizes are a trend in the market, there is still room for minivans more traditional. An example of this is the new Renault Scénic and Grand Scénic, or the Opel Zafira Tourer: precisely, the German model is very close to release a ‘restyling’ that will update your entire design.

Although its official presentation is expected for the next Paris Salon 2016, Opel Zafira Tourer 2017 wanted to be before our eyes before its time, through the configurator online of the German site of Opel. These are their first leaked images of its exterior and interior, and it will be a matter of weeks that we know all of your data in detail.

The current generation of the Opel Zafira-the third in its history) was released in 2011, so this ‘facelift’ would be required to be kept with force in the market. orientation of minivan-family compact will be kept without changes, contrary to what happens with an Opel Meriva 2017 that adopt a style ‘crossover’.


The design of the Zafira Tourer 2017 modify your entire front, taking a few optics grille and front more sober and close to the style of the new Opel Astra, abandoning the headlights of style ‘boomerang’ is so controversial and present in the current model. A bumper from new invoice frame this front radically changes the look of the model.

Your changes in the rear are more discrete, but even so, they have made small tweaks to their headlights and bumpers. Finally, the inside of the Opel Zafira Tourer 2017 incorporates a new central console in which will highlight the latest generation of multimedia system IntelliLink R4.0, with extensive possibilities of connectivity, touch screen and service Opel OnStar.