Open step, the Megatrucks are already shooting on the roads of Spain


this Is the first time in our country that a Megatruck wheel by the road

A project led by CIAC, the Cluster of the Automotive Industry in Catalonia, where SEAT has played an essential role as a leader, has managed to the first Megatruck already rolling down the road Spanish. Just yesterday this titan made his first kilometers between the plant of the Group Sesé in Palau-solità i Plegamans and the SEAT factory in Martorell. It is a first step towards a new generation of trucks.

And it is that there are many benefits that are presented when implementing a new legislation in terms of commercial transport by road. The current law prevents that Spain moving trucks of more than 18.75 metres and 40 tonnes of cargo. The Megatruck is able to raise those numbers, coming to 25,25 meters long and a maximum load of 60 tons. A growth that delves deeply into the profit margins of all the segments.

Because, by requiring fewer trucks, the expense is less. The first figures indicate a decrease of emissions by 14%, which in turn implies a smaller expenditure of fuel and greater effectiveness in times of displacement thanks to its 50% more load capacity. As we have already said all of these data will not only benefit the carrier, but to the whole chain. Lower expense of transportation, the greater the benefit for all.


Almost twice as long than a conventional truck with a 50% more load capacity

however, and although the law is already changing, for the moment it will be very difficult to see a Megatruck of these features on our roads. Yesterday was the original trip, and now, with the time, it is expected that these elephants of the road be implementing gradually as they have done in other countries of the European Union, such as Sweden, Finland or Portugal. By the time you need a special permit issued by the DGT to be able to circulate. But it is a first step.