Open war between the drivers and the FIA for the new classification


Photo: SkySportsF1

The test of Formula 1 often serve as the perfect setting for meetings and covenants to the gallery, as already happened in the preseason of 2015 and as it has happened in these tests. This Wednesday, a few hours after the end of the second day of the week, almost all of the pilots -were not Fernando Alonso or Lewis Hamilton, among others – met with Charlie Whiting the hospitality of the FIA to address the burning issue of the politics of the Formula 1 at this moment: the new classification system.

The pilots told the race director that they don’t like anything that classification with deletions and progressive, who do not believe that it would benefit the show and that is enough liosa for there to be serious problems at the time you run it. Sergio Perez what he explained on Sky Sports at the exit of the meeting, which lasted more than an hour:

“Obviously we’re not happy with the new plans they want to implement. We’ll see if they can change them. We feel that it is very complicated for fans to understand. It is up to us! We believe that the rating is really good now and doesn’t need to change it”

F1 gossip: Drivers will oppose proposed changes to qualifying in meeting with FIA #F1Testing
— Sky Sports F1 (@SkySportsF1) march 2, 2016

In this same line was expressed moments before Jenson Button to the media. “There are more important things in Formula 1 for the to worry about,” admitted with a wry smile on his lips. Before Whiting gestures were becoming more serious. Some, such as Nico Rosberg, they lifted up their voice and manotearon with anger.

The team leaders, the expectation

Although, in theory, are the teams who proposed the changes, some team leaders are skeptical with the idea of the changes. Eric Boullier (McLaren) even dared to give his opinion, due to the constant changes that are being introduced in the proposal. “The last thing I know is that it modifies the Q1 and the Q2, and Q3 remains the same. I can not say, because maybe when you post this, I have returned to change. We will have to wait”, said at a press conference.

Others, such as Gene Haas, see positive. “For us it’s going to be new, choose the system they choose, so we’ll see,” he said smiling the “overwhelmed” american. Other directly doubt that this decision be positive, as expressed by Maurizio Arribavene (Ferrari) to ‘La Stampa’: “you have to know first if it really is going to benefit the show.”

From Pirelli, expressed their doubts to the is on the new classification

There is an actor who is also the expectation: Pirelli. A spokesman for the supplier of tyres was hesitant to respond about the new classification. “We’d have to know it with time, of course, to be able to make our own plans. Anyway, it is a thing most of the teams, and in our day to day work does not affect,” he said.