Opinion: Does well Rosberg to retire from the F1?


once the news bomb of the year, the withdrawal of the current World Champion of Formula 1, Nico Rosberg, has relaxed slightly, have begun to stir two parallel debates.

The first is obvious: who will be the replacement for Nico in a Mercedes? The second not so much: Has done the right thing Rosberg?

I have to admit that when you start a debate about a personal choice of someone, an alarm turns on in my head. When we take an important decision, it is common for people who don’t belong to our more intimate environment to question the same. Even within the family. It is usually in that moment when we come to the head of the famous and, however, lapidary phrase: “What daring is ignorance”.

In summary, is what I think of this debate. It is bold -because we do not know the reasons and the intensity of the same – questioning the decision of a person to end his profession for personal reasons and/or employment. Because, in regard to this last point, assume that one can’t guarantee the same level of commitment to their job is a matter of labour. The difference is that Nico can afford to leave your job and your company and live the life for a long time. Has accumulated a nest egg, what in the hell.


In regards to me personally, I admire what you have done by Nico Rosberg (but without going over, that their economic situation also helps to give the step), because it has been confronted with the shock that I knew was going to cause his retirement as a champion, and that he was going to be an object of type definitions “calzonazos”, “little ambitious” or “champion of the second” not to defend his title or not be willing to mortgage your family, earn 200 million of securities.

Look, that Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton or Fernando Alonso want to that seems to me perfect. And it seems to me so easy, because they do not have wife and children (yes, the two things, and only the first * will not score the same, the children change everything). What is difficult is to do it when you’re behind to a family-formed, like it or not, you have to live 24 hours a day 365 days a year, depending on your needs and the needs of your profession. what Is a choice? Obviously. But that does not mean that it is simple. how Many titles must be earned to be considered ambitious? Nico has won his at the third attempt (but has completed eleven seasons in F1).

“Rosberg has shown his ambition on the track, not in the micros”

So, in summary, in regards to me personally, Nico Rosberg has my applause and recognition. Not only because has shown his ambition on the track, not to the micros. Not only because has demonstrated his honesty with himself, his team and the Formula 1 to give up on the grill with a commitment of less than 100%. Not only because has faced with regard to the liability which considers itself to have with your family. Also because it has shown that, despite living in a parallel world to that of the majority of humans that we populated this planet, is very conscious that life is many things.

we often say that there is life beyond Formula 1. Nico knows it, but does not seem to want to go to the resistance or any other competition, not. You are going to the park to make a sand castle with your daughter in the sandbox. Insurance that is worth to see that castle.