Opinion: Keep on doubting Hamilton, follow


Lewis Hamilton has never been a pilot fairly valued. Or, better said, his progression and maturity as a pilot have not been duly recognized. The british came to Formula 1 as an elephant in a china shop and, taking into account that you have opted for the title in the season of its debut, that effect is magnified even more. His rivalry with Fernando Alonso soon led, in Spain, end up being public enemy number 1, status then lost in what favor? Sebastian Vettel.

Lewis Hamilton became just another pilot in 2012, season in which Fernando Alonso gave the best level of his career, coming to have options of title with a race car really mediocre. That same year, Hamilton had to muster the patience with a McLaren that had the potential to win some races, but that chain mechanical problems with errors of strategy and the pit stops. Six drop-outs and many points lost in a season that few remember him as the of their evolution definitiva.


it Is true that, in 2013 -the first Mercedes-, lost something of mordant as fitted to Mercedes and, in particular, to the brakes and other particulars of your new car. But, in 2014 (with a start similar to this year), as well as in 2015, Hamilton was a roller relentless.

This year, Hamilton has achieved 50% of the poles in the game. Of the other four, two could not play for the breakdown in the engine, in Monaco finished third after a drop in the pressure of the fuel and, in Baku, the responsibility, this time it was exclusively yours.

“what Was Baku so disastrous? If we are talking about Hamilton, yes”

In regards to the races, Hamilton has won two of them, losing the victory in two others by a bad start and suffering mechanical problems in two more that prevented him from fighting for victory. Is it really such a bad season for Lewis Hamilton? No, it is not. what Was the Great Prize of Europe so disastrous? If we talk about Hamilton, yes. Because we are talking about one of the three best pilots of the past (many) years.

His image hurt him

In the case of a pilot with less prestige and, therefore, demand, the career of Baku would have been qualified as a bad Saturday followed by a good Sunday on which the comeback was hindered by a loss of power for twelve laps. And not even he would have questioned the intelligence of the pilot, not having been able to find the right combination on your steering wheel to reset the map right engine.


But, as with all of the stars whose personality off the track crosses the limits of normality, we project a stereotype that ends up affecting our analysis of what happens inside the car.

“we Project a stereotype of Hamilton that ends up affecting our analysis”

despite having shown countless times in the contrary, Lewis Hamilton is still considered a pilot who abuses your tires (how in Monaco and Canada?). it is Also considered a pilot bit reflective on the track and prone to errors. Analyzing this same season, your year, with more errors from, possibly, 2013, we found that your accident Saturday in Baku, it is fair to add two bad outputs. Other pilots with a prestige growing, as Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez or Nico Rosberg, have a background similar or higher failure not forced.

Finally, starts to question their commitment, professionalism and intelligence because he has criticized the simulator and during the race, it took twelve turns to find the solution to a problem in a flywheel with thousands of possible combinations, while his companion gave the solution in just one. The same pilot who, against the advice of his engineers, decided to stay to stay on track in the Grand Prix of Monaco, waiting for the asphalt to dry to save yourself a stop and fit the dry tyres. It is something similar to question the commitment of Fernando Alonso as he struggle to compete with two ribs and a pneumothorax, do not believe?


I admit It: I’m a fan of Lewis Hamilton, and I tend to think that those who criticize so frequently, are carried away by its flamboyance off the track, which will not let them see that, inside the car, years ago, which became one of the riders faster, more reliable and intelligent than the last few decades. A pilot able to withstand the comparison with a certain Fernando Alonso. Now, if you want, you can proceed to lynching. And in the meantime, keep doubting Lewis Hamilton, follow. Be doubting of a pilot this year is going to get his third world title.

The season 2016 Lewis Hamilton

Grand Prize Classification Race Points compared to Rosberg
Australia 1 (leads all of the sessions) 2nd (drops to 7th after bad salida) -7
Bahrein 3rd (Goes wrong, it is touched with Bottas and runs with the car damaged) -17
China DNS (breaking in the motor) 7th (broken front wing in the first round and five stops) -36
Russia 10th (break in the engine in Q3) 2 (loss of pressure agua) -43
España Retired (accident with Rosberg) -43
Monaco 3rd (problems with pressure combustible) -24
Canadá -9
Europa 10th (accident in Q3) 5th (Loss of power for 12 laps) -24