Opinion: Max, the last villain of the F1


Max Verstappen created controversy in Formula 1 even before
get in a car. With his confirmation as the official driver
Toro Rosso, there were multiple opinions against that rose to the
flight, alerting all who would listen of the danger of
bring Formula 1 to a rookie with so little experience in
. 32 runs later, here we are, with the
controversy is served and the Formula 1 revolutionized after his last performance at Spa-Francorchamps.

“those Who stand out for their character to move away from lukewarmness to be analyzed”

Max is one of those riders special, that arise once every
many years. Not only because of his talent to handle any
apparatus with wheels is immense. Above all, it is because it accompanies that
talent with many other things, and mainly a character
challenging, electrifying, politically incorrect
. And, in
Spain, because it has been (and in some ways still is)
opponent of ‘our’ Carlos Sainz, cannot be denied.

But leaving aside the local issues, it is proven that
in Formula 1, as in any other public activity, who
stand for your character to move away completely from the warmth to the
time be analyzed or defined. We could remember to
Ayrton, but also to Fernando Alonso or Lewis Hamilton, to name
recent examples.

There are those who claim that Max came to Toro Rosso because it was
commercially profitable, although at that time it was quite
unknown and the Dutch market was not precisely a power
in the Formula 1. The reality is that Max was detected in the radar
in the paddock as the next pearl of the racing and both Mercedes
as Red Bull got stuck, literally, by him
. The germans wanted to
sign him to their young driver program (the same that have
left Pascal Wehrlein and Esteban Ocon, who was signed
subsequently to cover the hole intended for Verstappen), but Network
Bull also. The detail that went into the balance was that Mercedes do not
dared to give him a seat in Formula 1 and Helmut Marko yes. It
the played for she saw that the risk was worth and won. Go
which if won.


“Marko played because he saw that the risk was worth and won”

In a way, it reminds me of Fernando Alonso, not only for its
determination to compete, but by how you got the
Spanish Formula 1. Coming from a country without weight in the
category at that time, Flavio Briatore bet with him in
to the detriment of Jenson Button (do not see how to put
british…) and we went up to the Renault, dragging behind a
fever racing never seen before in Spain and that
shook the category to levels similar to those currently
we are seeing in the Netherlands
(sponsorships are very important as
Heineken, Spa bursting of the Dutch people and media attention to
global level).

I do Not intend, in any case, to defend Max Verstappen to
any price. What he did in Spa-Francorchamps didn’t make me grace.
And no, even though to many I have seemed, I do not speak of the incident
the output with the Ferrari. Max saw a gap and went for it. I think
he was very optimistic and chose wrong, but I’ve always thought that to err
trying an overtaking is justifiable and when it is
, more if it’s the start of a race, in which
everything happens very quickly and it is difficult to judge the situation from within
of the car. For that same reason, I see justifiable for me was
the biggest mistake that time: that of Sebastian Vettel closing on Kimi
Räikkönen and causing the impact with Verstappen,
regardless of whether this occurred or not having
disappeared the German out of the equation.

“The FIA has not yet understood the importance of having a team of commissioners permanent”

What I really find reprehensible Max is what happened
after. Pretend to pass Eau Rouge and the Raidillon at normal speed
without front wing and going off track as a result
this. Then, in his defence on Kimi Räikkönen, taking a
list very dangerous in Kemmel at high speed (well, the
finn still had not been paired to the Max, but they were very close
and at those speeds a contact can be fatal) or by deflecting to the
escape at Les Combes. What product of the inexperience that you will
attached to it? Maybe, but in the first case we’ve seen pilots very
experienced as Michael Schumacher or Senna! to make that kind of
things and others much worse. In the second case, is something that we see
continuously in practically all the races and with the greatest
part, if not all, of the grill starring in that kind of
. Who are the culprits that continue to occur?
The commissioners, that as soon as you are penalized for it, as they stop
to do so. Or better said, the FIA, which has not yet understood the
important to have a team of marshals standing in the
Formula 1 to ensure the consistency of decisions taken and
the application of the regulation.


In my opinion, Max is there to calm him down, because this comes from
Hungaroring and is poised to end badly. But perhaps it should act
the above-mentioned commissioners, their chiefs and their mates grill.
Or journalists, or fans, or pilots, retirees, or heads of
team of other formations.

Max will be controversial always. Is what have the geniuses. Are
able to get to be examples for campeonísimos as Hamilton,
Alonso or Vettel despite having been pilots of ethics very
debatable within the track (Senna, Schumacher).

Max Emilian Verstappen, 18 years of age and born in Hasselt
(Belgium), is destined to make history in Formula 1 and, in
my opinion, they will do it without doubt
. Obviously has a lot to learn
but those who contend that it is where it is by interests purely
commercial and/or refuses to recognize the immense talent it holds;
it will probably take to learn even more.


Let’s be clear, Helmut Marko is a bobcat for these things, but in
the case of Max all that used to seeing the categories
lower knew what I had in front of their noses. Simply
Marko had more arrests than the others. Believed in him and touched him
the lottery.

In regards to me personally, applaud him for it and I
enjoy what Max offers us in each race, which is much
. And,
although imperfect, without a doubt the special.