Opinion: McLaren: “Not bad”


And maybe we’re being too generous. In contrast with the
statements of the members of formations such as Toro Rosso,
Force India or even Sauber, McLaren-Honda seems to work with
finish races

After 22 races, Honda stated -in the mouth of your maximum
responsible Yusuke Hasegawa – feel satisfied with the development
the Grand Prix of China, in which “the riders and the team have
surrendered to the maximum, it was a positive weekend when you bring two
cars back to the garage”
. Gone are the points, the
podiums or victories. After the drubbing of 2015, around the world in
McLaren-Honda seems to comply with to overcome the problems of
reliability. And already.

“it Is inconceivable that a team with so much prestige, history and competitive instinct will be enough to end careers”

it Is a theme not exclusive to the japanese, who are more
sticks have been taken from this partnership to take shape. The
very Eric Boullier is satisfied with the performance of the
, highlighting again and again the progress of the team this year.
Advances to all that have served, for the moment, is to
to get a point.

It tends to emphasize the improvement of McLaren in this 2016 newly
started. Something that has a certain logic if we make the mistake of
to establish a comparison with what was achieved the previous year. But,
in the case of a team with so much prestige, history and instinct
competitive, it is inconceivable that at this stage, suffice it to
finish races
and look to the future with the hope of getting in
the points in a few races.


Not too long ago McLaren intimidated. When Ferrari,
Williams and Red Bull were fighting for titles, they knew that sooner or
later Woking were going to be there with a host of
new pieces created out of nothing, or the genius of one of its
pilots. Intimidated him so much that, even in a rut, so long as
the Ferrari, always gave the feeling of being in a lot of
way better than the disastrous e ‘italianizada’ Ferrari Domenicali
and Montezemolo
. That Scuderi which led to the limit of the
exhaustion is one of the pilots more tenacious and indestructible of
the past few years: Fernando Alonso.

The reality is that a computer responds to the name of McLaren
-with all that this implies – is eighth in the classification of the
constructors ‘ championship, after finishing the season 2015 in the
ninth square. ‘Not bad’, seems to be the answer for McLaren and Honda.
But, session after session, classification after classification and
race after race, the message should be ‘Not enough’.