OPINION: Mexico… It’s good that you came!


Europe was the setting that saw the birth of the F1 and the cradle that amantó to the category to convert it to absolute reference of the motor sport worldwide. Now is ‘fashionable’ to compete in emerging economies and asian countries. Gives equal to that it means to compete before stands empty, the show must go on and the Formula 1 moves to the rhythm of the countries that can afford to pay the fee for having your circuit on the calendar. the arrival of The GP of Mexico has been a humbling. Thank you that you came.

The GP of Mexico has broken all the forecasts. After 23 years of absence, the Brothers Rodríguez returned to Mexico a test of F1 and the public responded. Go to if you answered. A total of 336.174 people were present throughout the weekend on the renovated circuit. The passion of the fans mexicans was transmitted to the pilots during the three days of competition. 89.365 people were in the stands on Friday, 111.964 were at the circuit on Saturday and 134.845 people caught each of the stands of the circuit. A full house that was corresponded with a hotel occupancy close to 100%.

in addition To numbers and figures, the feelings were something more than positive. The mexican public was a better show than the one seen on the track. Most of the pilots came out of the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez with the feeling of having lived one of its best weekends of their sporting careers, as well as one of the ‘lap parede’ hottest. The installation of the podium in the area of the Stadium, Foro Sol it was a great success, as 50,000 people offered their affection to the most prominent drivers. Before that, it matters little that Hermann Tilke mutilara the circuit or the curve peralta to disappear in ’bout’.


But the Grand Prize was a success not only by the public, but also
for everything that surrounded the race. The promoter of the test performed
great work
and there was no shortage of promotional events parallel, the
the presence of a mariachi band, fighters, and other elements that were the finishing touch
perfect for a party almost unbeatable. In fact, Bernie Ecclestone
completed its presence in the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez stating that
several promoters in europe should travel to Mexico to see how it is
organizes an authentic Grand Prix
of the World of Formula 1. So
eccentric as always, the reason this time is not missing.

With all
this is on the table, have to do self-criticism. There are few circuits
europeans have a limited audience, and even exhibit
Great Prizes with a deficit, as is the case of Silverstone or as
suspect that it will be Hockenheim in 2016. With a few exceptions,
presence of public in the paths of european follows a progression to the
, a tendency that is transferred to the television. The hearings of the
F1 in countries such as Spain or Germany, are also suffering major
descents. Even though it hurts, perhaps it is time to visit countries such as
Argentina, from the hand of another hobby and passionate as few.

any case, Formula 1 has seen in Mexico which is the way to
continue to revitalize the championship
. It is useless to compete in China
although the commercial interests of the manufacturers, to travel to the
desert of Bahrain, or go to Abu Dhabi for a run at night, the way
passes by retrieving countries with a real tradition.
Each one put the name you want. And on the margin of the own
identity crisis of the F1 and of the exorbitant prices that the
accompany, it would be a good first step. Mexico… It’s good that you came!