OPINION: The march of the Audi is only a drama for the WEC


you can’t say that the output of Audi Sport’s Endurance World take you by surprise. Yes maybe its immediacy, but not the final resolution. Be that as it may, the only tangible reality of the progress of the firm of Ingolstadt of WEC is that the only one who suffers the consequences is the own contest, beyond the possible emotional ties that may exist on the part of fans with regard to a brand that has competed in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the past 18 years and has added 13 victories entering the technology TDI in the big event of the resistance.

And we say that the WEC is the only one affected, because the scene that is drawn in the category LMP1 is how much less of a concern. All championships have their pros and cons and the much-vaunted era of hybrid World of Resistance are located at a point in that it only has two manufacturers -Porsche and Toyota – and a private computer -ByKolles – to the outputs almost successive Rebellion Racing and Audi Sport. In the best six will be the prototypes of hybrid present in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2017, and even this figure is likely.


Even if Toyota decides once and for all align in its third LMP1 in
Le Mans, does not seem to this day that Porsche is willing to match that
effort, by a lot of that after the exit of Audi is as a brand only
the VAG Group present in the WEC and there is a surplus of pilots
the first level they see as the progress of Audi leaves them without a hole in the
category LMP1. Be that as it may, what is no doubt is that this
movement is very much studied by the Volkswagen Group and is the result
direct ‘diéselgate’.

the scandal in The consumption and
emissions of some of the diesel engines of the VAG Group have been affected
the sports projects of its brands. First was a reduction of
budget for the projects of Volkswagen in the WRC and Audi and
Porsche in Le Mans with a prototype less for brand – and now the
restructuring of the programs of each manufacturer. Porsche is as
only defender of the interests of the VAG Group in the World
Resistance with a string of results that abalan this decision and what
which is more important, with a gasoline engine hybrid.


a single shot, the Volkswagen Group has prevented competition between
its brands and has been deleted from the map of the diesel engine in the 24 Hours of Le
Mans. For its part, Audi Sport focuses all its efforts on the
electrification and your main program happens to be in Formula E, all
time that at least maintains two of its key programs such as the DTM
with the Audi RS 5 DTM and race programs-client with the Audi R8
LMS GT3 and now with the new Audi RS 3 LMS built for the TCR

With Porsche focusing on the Endurance World -to
through its LMP1 and the new 911 GTE with a possible configuration
central engine – and Audi Sport focused on its electrification, the Group
Volkswagen has managed to diversify efforts and what is more
important, to clean up its image, renouncing to diesel in the world of the
competition. A strategy that you could even see expanded in the
next few years, as Audi maintains a great interest in the World
Rallycross after the title won by Mattias Ekström, and may have
in mind that created a Supercar electric. Be that as it may, the Group
Volkswagen wins and the WEC lost. Law of life.