Opinion: What comes in the coconut!


The era of hybrid engines tuboalimentados account with a total of 43 Major Awards over little more than two seasons. In that period, Mercedes has achieved 36 wins and 41 poles. Numbers that show without any shadow of a doubt, the majestic domain exercised by the mark of the star.

“Renault developed up to the excellence of the entire electronic part of the engine”

Mercedes picked up the baton from Red Bull, which also drove the Formula 1, almost at their pleasure during the four seasons, in which he also got all the titles in game although, yes, with figures little less striking. One of the principal architects of the success of Red Bull was his partner rider: Renault. The French brand, working closely with Adrian Newey and his team of engineers, developed up to the excellence of the entire electronic part of the engine, by getting to maximize the main concept of the cars of that era: the Coanda effect. The combination of this aerodynamic effect and the maps engine created by the engineers of Renault, gave as a result several cars that can be qualified without modesty as a genuine work of engineering art.

But it was turbo turned and, though that Renault had been the precursor of the anterior of the late 70s and early 80s, the French brand underestimated the magnitude of the challenge, which also incorporated the energy recovery systems to give as a result the thrusters were more complex than the history of the category.


“Renault believed that it received its share of recognition in a success in which he had participated in a decisive way”

Renault slashed staff during the process of development of the new concept while Mercedes did the opposite, and that, coupled with the upset with Red Bull, resulted in a period of very stormy on which the brand came to consider abandoning the Formula 1. What the cause of the clash between Renault and Red Bull? The motorist believed that he did not receive his or her share of recognition in a success in which he had participated of a much more determining of what people think, even today, . This led to the agreement with Infiniti and, after the first two disastrous years at the level of performance of the hybrid engine and public charges of every kind, finally it was agreed to continue the relationship, but under the name of TAG Heuer and with Toro Rosso opting for engines Ferrari are irrelevant.

But Renault did not flee. Quite the contrary, decided to acquire Lotus, to return as a constructor, to reinvest in the factory in Viry Chatillon and hiring new staff, among which is Mario Illien, co-founder of Ilmor -company that developed the Mercedes engines during their successful relationship with McLaren in the times of Mika Häkkinen-. Together, Red Bull put at its disposal modern facilities, in the that account with, possibly, the technology of simulation more advanced of the grill.

Renault has always known how to make good engines. It has shown throughout its history. And now that it has the necessary resources and a team with potential and resources that complement your needs, is back.

“everybody knows that only Red Bull can dethrone Mercedes”

That Red Bull has renewed its contract and, in addition, has brought back to Toro Rosso only means one thing: Renault know what they are doing and, above all, has demonstrated that it can achieve this. The latest evolution premiered this weekend as well corroborated.

we Still don’t know if Daniel Ricciardo wins in Monaco and will begin the return of Renault to where it should be from the start. But Mercedes would do well to worry about in the medium term. Not only because the French have reversed the trend, but because everyone in Formula 1 knows that, despite what you say, Ron Dennis, the only team that can unseat Mercedes of the throne is Red Bull. Red Bull-TAG Heuer, to be exact. And fair.