Opinion: with Me do not count, Daniil


I Acknowledge that I have felt something hurt with the statements of Daniil Kvyat on the desirability of the use of the HALO in the Formula 1. This is a topic that I try not to say anything because there is a primary difference with regard to those that are purely sports or technical: at stake is the safety of the pilot.

there Are pilots who are risking their lives and not us, that we enjoy racing in large measure thanks to them. Therefore, when they started the debate about whether it should be adopted the HALO -the solution of Ferrari – or the Aeroscreen -the solution of Red Bull-I kept on the sidelines for the simple reason that I believe that we do not have enough information to decide which option is best. Only they know what it feels like to be entered in the car with one of these devices installed, what kind of visibility there is to go to the track and how complicated it can be out of the car when it is necessary.

And I can respect that drivers such as Lewis Hamilton or Daniil Kvyat prefer to put the risk component to the complete search of security, little as I like. in The end, it is they who are to be affected (relatively, or run alone, or are alone in the world: you have loved ones around to enjoy their successes and suffer with their accidents).

In short, very much against that is, I respect the opinion of each and every one of the pilots on matters of safety. I do not find correct the use of the Safety Car nor the path that has been taken with the loopholes of the circuits, but it is simply because I believe that, or not really has to do with the integrity of the pilots (safety car), or what you gain on one hand what you lose on the other and, by the way, you harm the competition (run-off of asphalt).

But what I find it hard to overlook is that Daniil Kvyat to use us fans as a screen to protect his argument, claiming that the F1 can be done “completely sterile and safe, but the question is where we have to stop”, adding in addition that “we could play with fire and many times I have said that when I go out to the track I know it could be the last time. I’m not trying to be a hero or anything but, in the end, we run to the people and the F1 is a show, that is why it is so popular”.

¿How? What the Formula 1 is so popular for the component that has the risk and the danger of death that implies? will This Formula 1 is sustained thanks to the accident of Maria de Villota or Jules Bianchi? Is that what keeps all of us outstanding? Do we sit in front of the screen in each session, tally up the free days on the job to see the Grand Prix, we travel for months at our places of worship, we spend the salary in merchandising and a thousand other things, just to see when it will occur an accident in which a loose wheel hit my head of a pilot or a race car flies through the air and pass grazing the helmet of a pilot?

could Still come to understand that Kvyat would appoint to the press (open umbrella), because unfortunately it is clear that, when there is a fatal accident -whatever the discipline-a large group of media swoops in for the quick and easy attention of your readers, viewers, listeners or visitors, regardless of the veracity, rigor, or ethics of the information. Fortunately or unfortunately, social networks are a test of the cotton infallible in these cases.

“The amateur suffers with every misfortune because it is part of the family of races, there is a link with the professional”

But equally evident is that the amateur suffers with each death or misfortune for the simple reason that the pilot, the mechanic, or, in short, any professional races, form part of a ‘family’. The family of the races of the amateur is one more. There is an invisible bond, that there be some connection between race fans and the drivers, mechanics, etc, In part as a result of the admiration existing towards them, in part because the amateur is also aware of the danger inherent in the competition. Then there is another type of fan, of paste if we want to define it in a way easy and simple, which for some reason puts his need for attention and lends itself to the pursuit of morbid and carrion (des)information. But that is another issue and Kvyat does not speak of them because neither he nor his companions are that type of fan.

I don’t Know if Kvyat says what he says because he thinks or because he thinks that it suits his image to adopt this discourse on ‘authentic’ and rebellious. Actually I care quite a bit. But we do not lack for the respect of the fans, Lord Kvyat. Thanks.