Oppositions to independent motor


The Strategy Group held in Paris today one of the most important meetings in recent years. At stake is the introduction or not of the independent motors in the Formula 1 starting in 2017. It seems clear that the four manufacturers present will vote against this new engine option, low-cost, while the technical parameters and commercial have been invited to several manufacturers admission to his possible arrival to the championship. Mercedes seems to be the most fervent opponent to the arrival of these engines, cheaper and without hybrid technology.

it should Be recalled that the independent motors would have some technical characteristics very specific. The new engines would be V6 turbo 2.5-liter and will have a weight lower total to 135 kilograms. The FIA will not put limits to the speed, durability or fuel flow, and even there are open hand on the turbo, the area of the crankshaft and the valve train. There is also freedom in the exhaust system, always and when they are not variables. These engines ‘low cost’ are not obliged to take part-in hybrid, while its hydraulics will be standard. Will have to be perfectly compatible with the engine control unit (ECU) standard.

a Few measures that will quickly have served a claim for some companies and producers. In particular, Ilmor and AER have been the first to sign up to be a provider of independent motors from 2017. The first proposal comes from the company of the famous Mario Illien. Your plan goes through to get to provide their motroes for a price of around 7 million euros. For their part, Advanced Engine Research (AER) has also shown interest. The company was founded by Mike Lancaster collaborated with the GP3 from 2013 to 2015 and he even was very close to being the biker of the GP2. Works in Indy Lights and in the WEC.


In Ilmor seems to opt for a V6 engine of 2.5 liters, while
that the AER would use a propellant derived from the biturbo V6 P60 that used in
WEC. After several days of rumors and according to points ‘Motorsport’,
Mecachrome has also been added to the bidding process opened by
FIA. This company has been recently chosen to supply engines
3.4-litre V6 (arb) in GP3, and will do the same with their engines
V6 turbo 3.4-litre in GP2 from 2017. The company understands that
is trained to meet the proposal of the FIA.

Cosworth has
been one of the few that has decided not to sign up to this ‘opposition to
independent motors’
, and has done a somewhat curious,
declining politely the opportunity of losing money, according to explain
sources of the brand. And it is that to day of today the future of engines
independent is still an open question for the fierce opposition of
Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault and Honda
, in the same way that it is also
truly disconcerting the system to be used by the FIA to match
the performance of the thrusters. In any case, are dispute a
pulse in Paris

news Competitions engine independent was originally published in by Fernando Sancho.