Optimism in the paddock before the arrival of Liberty Media


The agreement officially certified on Wednesday has triggered
several reactions among the protagonists of the paddock of the Formula
1. But they all seem very pleased with the agreement and think
the experience of Liberty Media in the marketing of the
communication and the digital platforms will serve to give a new
boost to the category

One of the most satisfied is Bob Fernley, which has been very
critical in numerous occasions with up to now maximum
shareholders, CVC Capital Partners. “I Think it is fair to say that I have
been slightly critical of the CVC in the past, so a new
partner is a good thing. In CVC we have only had one company
interested in extracting money. They have done what they are supposed to
do as a hedge fund, which is to recover the money for their
shareholders. May now have been sold to a company that can
growing the Formula 1”
, ” said Fernley in statements to

Fernley thinks that the entrepreneurial nature of Liberty is already in
yes good news because you will have a lot of interest in growing
the sport. “When you’re in a group of media, obviously there is
interest in developing the sport. Will provide a lot of experience
the model franchise of the all-american sport, and that can only
be good”
, says the deputy Chief of Force India, who thinks that,
currently, they have “a product that is unique in the Formula 1, created
by Bernie (Ecclestone), together with other individuals that contributed
in the past, such as Ron Dennis, Frank Williams and Ken Tyrrell. It is only
a matter of it all together, are interesting times”

Ecclestone is necessary

To Fernley, the figure of Bernie Ecclestone is a must,
since it is the creator of the business as we currently know it and you know
how to sharpen the transition in the right way. “we Need to
Bernie to guide the process and maintain the uniqueness, is the most
important. It would have been a great error to see the end of Bernie, a
big mistake. You need to be a part of it. Clearly, it has to be a
transition and regardless of our disagreements,
you need to Bernie as a guide in the process”


Jenson Button also coincides with Fernley to the time point
to Ecclestone as a key element of the agreement, ensuring that
“the continuity of Bernie in the day-to-day is exactly what
makes lack. Has a lot of experience working in Formula 1 and
leading the sport in the right way. What fun is that
The united states is probably the only place in which the Formula
1 has had difficulties to establish themselves
. Maybe all this helps
the sport is set there”

The pilot and next ambassador of McLaren agrees that the
digital platforms are the weak point of the Formula 1 and Liberty
Media can fill that void. “I Agree with Bernie in that the
digital platforms are probably not our strong point, not
I think that you understand the mobile apps, so that has a lot to
to learn, I am sure that it will. This will help definitely
the future of the sport. Most sports have advanced in
certain directions with applications and the Formula 1 is
behind in this area

For Jenson, the F1 lacks interest for younger viewers
the format of a old-fashioned in that it offers, something that is important
to enhance in the future. “At this time our audience is
made of people that saw me start in Formula 1 and is still
to do so, we really don’t have a young audience in this
time. So we need help in this area and is the address
in which the sport will grow in the whole world, not only in the
countries in which it is strongest, such as the Uk, Japan or other
countries of Europe”
, ” said the World Champion 2009 Sky