Optimus Prime and Bumblebee will be able to submit to your control… if you have enough money

In Arizona-Scottsdale, Barrett-Jackson will auction one of the icons of modern cinema. Although the saga Transformers Michael Bay is not the comparison of film quality, there is no denying its global popularity and its tremendous commercial success. The Autobots was gigantic robots, computer-generated in the action scenes, but in their way car, they are interesting cars… and trucks. And they are real. If you have enough money, you’ll be able to park in your garage as much Bumblebee as Optimus Prime.

you Can be the owner of Optimus Prime, but you will not be able to roll on the road: this area is classified as a vehicle of specialist not-enrolled.

For me, the star of the lot is Optimus Prime. The king of the Transformers was in its version with wheels a gigantic Peterbilt 379, 1992. The truck quintessential american, with an aesthetic perfectly recognizable: that huge hood square, those tires, chrome 22.5 inch, those giant exhaust chimneys. In addition, the producers of the movie they gave an outward appearance very striking, combining the colors red and blue with a labeling that mimicked the flames.

huge chrome bumpers and lights by all parties completing the circle aesthetic. This Peterbilt 379 was the cabin more long time, suitable for two persons slept in it. Mechanically, retains its propellant diesel of series and has not received any substantial modifications. The vehicle is classed as a “stunt vehicle” – vehicle stunt – and according to the laws american cannot be registered for road use. A legal formalist, really did not do stunts or acrobatics.

If you’re not a fan of Optimus Prime, also you will get the very Bumblebee. The Transformer the most iconic of the saga is a Chevrolet Camaro – excellent work of “product placement” on the part of GM in the whole saga – and in this case, is a classic of the year 1967. Is the Bumblebee from “Transformers: Age of Extinction”, and your seller is the very same Michael Bay. The director of the saga is what was left after the shoot and with good reason: it is an awesome restomod with a modern motor LS, small-block V8 source Corvette.

With a power of at least 400 HP, this Bumblebee if you can travel on the road, and mounted a spectacular body kit. A kit almost straight out of Mad Max, with steps of wheel widened and a nose painted in yellow color, to play with the rear spoiler. Its interior has been completely customized with logos of the Autobots by all parties, sport seats leather and inserts in carbon fibre. A car what is more interesting, though it is not the Bumblebee’s most iconic film saga.

Source: Carscoops (1 and 2)
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