Or Chris Evans or I: tensions are growing in Top Gear and Matt LeBlanc launches an ultimatum

Since the commencement of the season 23 Top Gear, we have not had good news. The first chapter had more shadows than lights, and the audience suffered with respect to the was Clarkson. However, the rest of the chapters of the program seem to have improved considerably, with less presence of Chris Evans and more of a role in the rest of the presenters, as well as our colleague Chris Harris. It is clear that the problem is Evans, with whom Matt LeBlanc has a problem. “Or will him or I’ll,” he said in an ultimatum to the BBC.

From the beginning of the recording of Top Gear rumors have happened. “If the river sounds, water bears”, a saying that is even more true in the show business than in other sectors. Chris Evans has constant problems working with the rest of the program’s partners, and to the hearing nor has fallen in grace: many have been criticized for their excessive desire for leadership and a volume of dialogue that is too high. The Sun – a tabloid English – is the newspaper that filters the course ultimatum Matt LeBlanc at the BBC.

top-gear-23-seasonThe actor known as “Joey Tribbiani” in Friends, has already expressed his upset by the behavior of Evans on the set, his lack of empathy and collaboration. A facet which is also transmitted to the rest of the members of the shooting outside of the movie set, showing a lack of camaraderie – on the other hand, is key to the success of the previous seasons of Top Gear. The recording of the current season of Top Gear has already ended, but the BBC is already starting to record the next season. And not even give them a break.

The attitude of Chris Evans with the other members of cast and crew is to be a source of constant complaints.

If Chris Evans leaves Top Gear, what will Matt LeBlanc. The news may not be true, but if so, the lawyers of the BBC are working against the clock to compensate one of the two presenters, who simply do not have embedded as a dance partner. What will happen? What mystery will there be? Since then, it’s not going to be a great night for one of the two cast members. Meanwhile, the BBC is already committed to reduce the prominence on the screen of Chris Evans, trying to placate the masses outraged.

top-gear-2016In just a few months will launch on Amazon Prime Video “The Grand Tour”, the program of cars Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. Something tells me that will be much more interesting than Top Gear.

Source: Autoblog