Oreca presents your Kit R4… On a Dacia Sandero!


At the beginning of the year, Oreca won the tender for the development and supply of the Kit R4 that the FIA intends to introduce as a way to access fast, inexpensive, and standard to the rallies for almost all vehicles. Shortly after, the trainer of French gave some of the keys of this Kit R4. Under the hood will be engine 1.6 Turbo source PSA of 265 horses similar to the Peugeot 308 GTI. Will be associated with a transmission Sadev, and to a system of awd. The kit is complete with a new address, fuel tank homologated and brake system of competition.

Months after knowing the first data Kit R4, now we can see the result of the application of this kit to a street car. And taking into account that the great objective is that any vehicle capable of mounting this kit standard mechanical and aerodynamic can be approved, Oreca has decided to present its Kit R4 on a Dacia Sandero. The model of the B-segment is one of the vehicles cheaper than you can buy in Europe and tenor of the recreation 3D has done Oreca, is fit to compete at a high level with the Kit R4 preparer French.


Regardless of the vehicle chosen, the claims of the FIA and Oreca is that the new R4 have a cost per kilometre between 30 and 35% below the current R5, without that it prevents that serve as a step, and a perfect bridge between the R2T and R3T, vehicles with two-wheel drive and the R5, equipped with all-wheel drive. All in all, the key of this Kit R4 is to reduce the costs in their type approval, so it is expected that manufacturers of smaller and private teams to throw to approve a wide range of vehicles.

In this aspect, Oreca has also given the timelines for the approval of the Kit R4 and of the vehicles that wish to compete under this format. The coach French will test the set on a Toyota Etios R4 in order to homologate the kit on the 1st of September. This match will be for seven years and maintains the exclusive right to Oreca until 2019. The cars which are susceptible of mounting the Kit R4 must have a minimum production of 2,500 units. The preparer must validate with Oreca the project and submit their data for approval. Only when they receive the permission of circulation, preparers will be able to equip your car with the Kit R4.