Oreca wins the tender for the FIA Kit R4 Rally Cars


The coach galo Oreca has been chosen by the FIA to develop and supply the FIA Kit R4 Rally Cars in the face the next three seasons exclusively. This pack made by a number of standard elements and adaptable to any vehicle of series will allow training suite to create their own racing cars to be able to dispute any national competition or regional levels that is regulated under the regulations of FIA. It is expected that Oreca start the supply of these Kit R4 to the middle of the current season offering the opportunity of compete with a quality/price ratio really interesting.

The kit R4 Rally Cars includes the elements required to convert any vehicle of series in a model ready to compete, from the engine and its accessory components to the transmission, the axles or the brake system. The training suite will be able to use different suppliers for the rest of the mechanical elements, in the same way that deberánser responsible for the adequacy of the vehicle in terms of safety. Still, it is not unknown format for many teams, the entire time that the R4 is based on terms similar to the adaptation that have already been done with the Maxi Rally 1.6 Turbo or the N5.

For the moment, the FIA has not designed a specific category
for these new R4 within the WRC or ERC, although we will have to watch for this Kit
R4 Rally Cars very closely, the entire time that these new R4 will be a 1.6 engine
Turbo-tuned by Oreca and all-wheel drive
, being the intermediate stage
perfect among the expensive the R5 and the R3 of front-wheel drive. However,
the objective of this category is to control the expenses
and of step, to avoid that it is obligatory to resort to the rental or purchase of cars to the manufacturers
or coaches that dominate the international scene.