Oslo’s will close its center to the car in 2019


Photo: LASZLO ILYES (Flickr) CC BY

In Norway, the country’s best-friend electric cars on the continent, we wish to eliminate the circulation of private cars from the centre of Oslo to reduce the pollution. The electrical will also see the ban, which does not depend on the fumes, shall be final.

To reduce the consequences, will continue to operate the public transport, will run the delivery vehicles, as well as private cars that provide service to people with reduced mobility (PRM). Also this will increase a lot the use of the bicycle with the creation of 60 kilometres of new bike lanes.

right Now the city of Oslo is governed by a coalition of labour, green and socialist. In other words, politicians of the left, of mentality, pro-environmentalist. The merchants in the area do not see the measure as good eyes.

In this country to have a conventional car is something very painful in terms of taxes, that is why the electric and plug-in hybrids are so successful and are filter in the top of sales. Oslo has a population of 600,000 inhabitants, with a park of 350,000 cars.

The measure has not been taken yet, it is in phase of study and will be implemented progressively, including specific tests.