Other 5.8 million from Toyota to review by the airbags “killers” of Takata

Prueba Toyota Avensis Touring Sports 150DThe case of Takata is not as well known as the dieselgate of Volkswagen, however, would prefer to have bought a TDI with a lot more emissions than stated to a vehicle with the fatal airbags of Takata. The latter could cost you your life, you or your companions, in case of a accident relatively mild.

just a few days Ago I had almost 82.000 vehicles Toyota marketed in Spain had been called to fix problems in their airbags. 82,000 units there are many units, but can seem to be very few if we compare them with the millions of vehicles that Toyota has produced and marketed in the world for about 15 years riding the airbags of Takata, and if we do not consider the other brands that also used them.

Toyota Corolla de octava generaciónOf the last call review at the global level 5.8 million cars, is estimated to reach 1.47 have been marketed in Europe, 1,16 in Japan, 820.000 in China and the rest in markets such as Central America, South America, Africa, Middle East and Singapore. On this appeal are concerned, the Toyota Corolla, Yaris, Vitz, Hilux and Etios, produced between may 2000 and November 2001; and between April 2006 and December of 2014.

Another section, in the same issue of the airbags of Takata defective, is the fact that, after the first few calls to review and convenient repairs, were used some spare parts that continued to be effective. This means again that, in the event of an accident the airbag function is incorrect. A failure that, as we have already seen and repeated on numerous occasions (the last just a few days ago) can cause death even in a minor accident.

Toyota has informed and will continue to report appropriately to its clients that may be affected. Anyway, it would be advisable that if your car has been produced between the dates listed, pick up the phone and get in contact with Toyota. With the frame number you know, in a matter of seconds, if your vehicle is among the millions of affected units.

Source – Reuters