Otto could bring trucks autonomous roads


Otto is a new project developed in the united States to convert any truck into an autonomous vehicle without a driver. The only requirement for this to be possible is that the truck has been manufactured after the year 2013, to be install kit provided by the company in question for a price of approximately $ 30,000, which gives the tractor unit of autonomous functions.

The project is still in progress. The company ensures that in the next few months will install a kit per week. To be seen as adapts this to the legal framework of american law.

How does it work?

through the sensors that are installed in the truck, the technology that provides Otto means that the whole stay in your lane, and modify their speed depending on the traffic. The “kit” includes a multitude of cameras, radars, sensors, LIDAR, braking systems and a computer programmed to take in real-time all the decisions that require driving on the road.

¿Are all advantages?

The answer is no, currently there are some drawbacks in the use of this kit. The first of them is that the truck does not have the ability to automatically change lanes, so that in case of heavy traffic the only thing you could do would be to adapt the speed to the driver to take control of the vehicle.

The second is that only works in highways (which represents a minimum part of the roads of american territory) and, therefore, will continue to requiring the presence of a driver for tasks such as driving by the city or the connection of the trailer to the head, according to has informed one of the responsible of the project in an interview granted to