Out, detail by detail, the new Audi A4 [Video]


With us already have a new generation of Audi A4 a generation, presented in late June, we are now displayed in a new video Promotional very illustrative, very able to show in that, detail by detail, the features of the exterior and interior of this new generation of Audi A4 .

The new generation of the Audi A4 has lost up to 120 kg.

of conservative airs on the outside the new Audi A4 reveals a carrier in the new bill that fully digital instrumentation released by the Audi TT, while the dashboard design adopts a new concept appears more horizontal aspect and a multimedia system which appears with screen type tablet and a size of 8.3 inches.

Mechanically this new generation Audi A4 is in the hands of three engines TFSI and four alternatives TDI with a power range between 150 and 272 horses .

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Video of the new Audi A4:

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