Output operation started in August, and the DGT increases surveillance in a frantic weekend

This weekend no less than 4.6 million roading expected. Framed in August, where they expect nothing less than 43.2 million trips, more than half of the 80 million estimated road travel in the summer of 2015. The start of holiday for many – including server – is the end holidays for others. Furthermore, Spain is Morocco the pathway of many drivers from Europe Maghreb. In short, it will be a hectic weekend.

All August weekend will be special monitoring device.

The DGT know it can be one of the toughest weekends of the year , and has mobilized the full with the idea that these movements are as agile and devoid of any problems. The problems focus off the big cities and coastal areas, where most of the points of arrival of these movements are situated. Specifically, withholding importance on the Mediterranean coast are expected in some parts of Andalusia, as well as in northern Spain.

campaña-verano-2015-dgt The map DGT – which does not include data for Catalonia and the Basque Country, with independent traffic services – shows the percentage of journeys that will happen this weekend. 10,000 agents the Traffic Civil Guard monitor the roads this weekend, and enabled auxiliary routes and additional lanes at the points of greatest concentration shot. At all times, it is indicating that the end is comfort and minimal risk of displacement, not control of the vehicles.

During the weekend movement of trucks over 7,500 kg shall be prohibited in key areas.

In addition to the Civil Guards, the road maintenance staff will also be attentive to these shifts. In addition to this campaign, the DGT makes recommendations such as the use of public transport as far as possible as well as the revision of the vehicle before a long trip. There is a campaign DGT at the moment of monitoring the condition of the vehicles – in effect all year. – In order that they are able to travel safely

salida-dgt-agosto Finally, between 10 and 16 August will launch a special device control alcohol consumption and drug use , coinciding with the great days of many towns and cities Spain.

Source: DGT
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