Overfinch 40th Anniversary, the Defender we all want to have

Overfinch is one of thousands of preparers of luxury that exist in the world. His specialty is to take any member of the family Land Rover and give you the dot, or hoot, for extra elegance and refinement. Four decades dedicated to such duty, and to celebrate that anniversary now launched the Defender Overfinch 40th Anniversary.


Light but subtle exterior changes to improve the appearance of the Defend

There are that say that their jobs do not go cheap, and this is no less. To borrow a Land Rover Defender short-box, the designers have applied a series of light and elegant changes in the body. Such as the bumpers, the front cover, the front grille, as well as a few headlamps are completely new with LED technology, a few side skirts reinforced and some new wheels of 18 inches.

as much as we like these changes, that we love, really eye-catching units Overfinch is the transformation of your interior. In this case have not been touched upon many elements of the interior, , leaving the greater part of the essence of spartan’s Defender, however, they have added details to improve in all aspects.

introduces a reversing camera, a DAB digital radio, Recaro seats for the front row, leather of the highest quality for all the surfaces, details of commemorative special unit, new instrument cluster, aluminum pedals and a computer infotainment Alpine with browser.


In the interior it rises to the level of equipment and luxury

This work as a retailer has been carried out in a very limited series of units. only five of these Defender Overfinch 40th Anniversary will be manufactured. Each one of them will have a sale price which will be about 70,000 euros. A price not too excessive seeing the changes applied and the exclusivity of the model. A worthy tribute to a model that is close to say goodbye.