Paddy Lowe looks “good” what he did to Hamilton in Abu Dhabi


The situation has completely changed in Mercedes in just a week with the withdrawal of Nico Rosberg, until such a point that the strategy of Lewis Hamilton in Abu Dhabi has gone from controversial to approved. At least so says Paddy Lowe, Executive Director of Mercedes, all time considered that the way of acting of Hamilton in the last race was correct, by ignoring the team orders and’t slow down the pace of the race for Nico Rosberg being pressured by Sebastian Vettel and the drivers of Red Bull.

In relation to the tension that lived in the wall of Mercedes, Paddy Lowe has revealed what happened when Hamilton ignored orders of the team and Wolff insisted on repeating the command to his pilot: “When I told Lewis that accelerate, the following discussion in the wall of the pit reached for the part of Toto Wolff. He told me: ‘I Tell you again, you have not done!’, but I said no because I’m going to look like a complete idiot if I say the same thing. James Vowles is the best strategist, but you haven’t calculated that Hamilton was not going at the right speed”.


In this aspect, Paddy Lowe acknowledges that there were discussions in the own
of the team, although not a doubt in assess as positive the end of
season that we lived in Abu Dhabi, not only for the spectators and the
Formula 1, but also for the team: I Think that was a great result.
You can say it was a great final not only for the team, but to
the category. Sure it brings new fans. It was a result
fantastic although I told Lewis to step up. I Think it was good what
that step
. It is worth remembering that in Monaco we told Nico that
might go to Lewis. It has been another statement this year and did”.

In relation to his future, Paddy Lowe has explained that despite the rumors, there is no real reason for the firm the new contract delayed a week: “I Think that has been out there a discussion on this topic. I’ve been with Mercedes for 22 years. I have worked with them or for them during this time, so I have no reason to change this. It is going very well. Toto Wolff and I had a talk in which we decided to wait at the end of the season and wash away this formality of the medium and will be what we do”.