Paddy Lowe will join Williams and what James Allison Mercedes?

Paddy Lowe

Paddy Lowe as has been concocting lies for a few months. Which he was a member of the McLaren and then went to Mercedes to live in this glorious time, left the star team to put toward another computer. It has been rumored with different destinations for the british, but the rumor more strongly pointed to Williams, although it seems that there could be some problems that have to solve regarding their status.

The team of Grove seems to be the one finally to enjoy the services of Lowe and take you back to the top. Many news portals and the media suggest that Williams will be the new team of “fashion” with the arrival of the technician, but disculpemen and it is only a personal opinion, I don’t think that a single man can elevate a team to the highest level, you need more than that…

James Allison, Ferrari, GP Australia 2014

in Addition, according to my reasoning, Williams is a customer of Mercedes, and unless that will not change, will be dependent of your team rider and he will not give them tools to overcome it on the track, at least not put so easy. We already saw what happened in the season 2014 when Williams came close to Mercedes and I was fighting for great things… Although I certainly would like to see the team Williams at the top.

Now, that would occupy the site of Lowe at Mercedes is yet to confirm, as I say they are just rumors. But it points to James Allison, the English walked away from Ferrari as you already know, could not hold in Maranello by the remoteness of their children after the death of his wife, but some languages also point to a discomfort of the technician within the Italian team. Allison is the one that now appears in the pools to enter in a Mercedes, with headquarters in the Uk and enabling them to be close to you.