Pagenaud: “Alonso is very, very brave, will be emocionante”


The current champion of the IndyCar has praised the courage of Fernando Alonso to take the step of competing in the Indianapolis 500-Mile race. The Spanish rider has decided to abandon a comfortable environment and well known as the Formula 1 to embark on the adventure of trying to succeed in a discipline totally unknown.

Simon Pagenaud is well known to the transition of the style of competition european american, since the beginnings of the French pilot were based on the karting and the different competitions of the World Series by Renault. But, after a season in Formula 3.5, Pagenaud had to try his luck in the united States, alternating such experience with the resistance, and the V8 Supercars australian.

it is Now the current champion of the IndyCar series and, as such, welcomes Fernando Alonso at the Indianapolis 500-Mile race, showing the illusion that your presence has awakened, not only in the organizers of the championship, the fans and the press, but also the pilots who will share grill with the McLaren-Honda.

“I Think it is very brave, it’s going to be exciting, even for us to see how it does. And I think that there will be a follow-up amazing from Europe, Spain is fantastic for IndyCar. I think it is a new era, will help us to grow even more. We are growing well now, but this can be a great boost. Very exciting, I like that Hamilton and Vettel to come also. Maybe it might happen soon”.


For his part, another of the distinguished as Scott Dixon has also highlighted the step taken by Fernando Alonso and that might constitute a first step for the rest of categories open your eyes and to begin to consider synergies with various championships through its teams and drivers, as it was the case in the mid-and late TWENTIETH century.

“The effort of Alonso going to open a lot of doors to people who are very different in the future, but also opens the eyes of the owners of different championships so that is not something that is used to talk about in the years 60, 70 and 80”.

Recently the Indianapolis Motor Speedway reported that the pace of ticket sales is still higher this year and expected a lot of excitement, both on the circuit and through different means of communication.