PAL-V Liberty; because you can order your flying car

PAL-V Liberty Coche VoladorEveryone at some time of our lives we have a dream that our car was flying. This dream each day it seems that is a little closer to becoming a reality. The first brand of cars, itself, which has done some engineering work in the field of flying cars has been Toyota. The trademark nippon patented in July of this year which could be its first flying car.

however these plans will not proceed to production and it will be a mere exercise industrial. However there is already a company that wants to deliver the first flying car in history in the year 2018. The PAL-V Liberty has been created by a company based in the Netherlands. According to Markus Hess, sales and marketing director of PAL-V in statements to Coach the first units should be delivered during the next year, 2018.

PAL-V Liberty Coche VoladorAccording to its creators the Liberty will be moved by an engine with around 200 bhp of power. This mechanics will allow you to reach 170 km/h on road and 178 km/h when it is flying through the air. With such potential, the Liberty will be able to take off from 50 kilometres an hour speed and with a track of about 170 meters. In contrast, in order to land, you just need a runway of about 30 meters long. These data are very good, but the brand has not confirmed who will be the provider of the mechanical that will drive this funny vehicle.

the design of The PAL-V Liberty blends traits of helicopter and conventional vehicle. However its operation is based on the position in which they find their propellers.

with Respect to the price, the Liberty will be on the 500,000 euros and to be able to do with one of them the customers will first complete a course. This course will be taught with the International Association of Professional Training Autogyro (IAPGT). Its duration will be of about 40 hours and after overcoming the customer is already trained to take the controls of this peculiar vehicle.

Source – PAL-V – Coach