PAL-V Liberty: the first flying car now on sale


PAL-V Liberty, to the sale already.

This is not the first that announces the first flying car the final, and probably not the last, given the amount of projects that have been promised exactly the same thing. On this occasion, it is a Dutch company and the model is the PAL-V-Liberty, a kind of helicopter capable of flying as such and who on earth is capable of on public roads.

This is already available for sale and the first deliveries are within a reasonable time, to the end of next year, therefore, this project seems to have all the prospect of being at the end and become the first car flying commercial in the world.

Account with a propeller top that can be folded to be able to circulate in earth, and with two engines Rotax, one to move the propellers and other to move on the road. In road mode, the rear suspension is lowered significantly to increase the stability.


The first car-flying market.

In road account with a power of few 100 hp and is capable of reaching from 0 to 100 km/h in 9 seconds, while for propellers uses an engine of some 200 HP, that allows you to reach 180 km/h in the air. The range is 1.314 kms on road and about 500 in the air. Its cockpit is able to accommodate two people.

The production will be performed in the Netherlands, and the prices start from 499.000 euros before taxes for initial model, called the Liberty Pioneer Edition, which will be made of only 90 units. This price includes some sessions of flying lessons, electric heating and some customization options.

It should be noted that the lessons of flight that gives the company the purchase of the vehicle only serve to learn to manage it, but you will not be trained to be able to fly legally with the. So that everyone who wants to fly with one of these devices must first be licensed for flight.


First deliveries by the end of 2018.

After the manufacture of the first version, the PAL-V will begin selling the
model Liberty Sport. This has a lower price, 299.000 euros
before taxes
, and is similar to the previous one, but with a lower level of