Palmer: “I Hope that Renault is the team that most improved in 2017”


Jolyon Palmer has shown in the season of his debut a progression noticeable in the one that ended up dominating his team mate, Kevin Magnussen. Both scrambled to keep his job at Renault for 2017 and, finally, it was Palmer who got it.

For Palmer, one of the keys to that achievement has been his progression throughout the season, which the british considered to be positive, as has been argued in statements to Motorsport.

“I Think that I have improved a lot since my first day in F1, especially since the first part of the season. The Melbourne was a good race, but if you compare what I did in the first six races and what I did at the end, I improved. I made a few mistakes, but according to later in the year, I started to commit less. And being in so many Q2 and making good runs, the improvement is quite clear. Showed good pace and good overall performance, making good on weekends, and getting good results both in qualifying and in the race”

on the other hand, Jolyon Palmer believes that Renault has shown the same progress and the overall assessment of the season is even better than expected, as the situation improved in the second half of the year. And all despite the fact that the team focused very soon on the car of 2017, something that is expected to allow them to be training with the greatest progress of the entire grill.

“I Think that will give you a significant jump in the coming year. This year we knew that the start of the season would be very complicated. I Think that, to be honest, we’ve done better than expected, especially as we progressed the year and we managed to get the most out of the car”.

“We have focused on the car of 2017 from a long time ago, there are good investments and we have people very valid. I Hope that we can be the team that most improves next year”.