Palmer is just the sixth in his possible last race at Renault


All of the information prior to, and during the Grand Prix of Singapore pointed to the same outcome after the conclusion of the event. Renault, which was officially confirmed on Friday the signing of Carlos Sainz for three years with a first on loan, would go up as the Spanish pilot in Malaysia, to the detriment of Jolyon Palmer, who has had a second season in Formula 1 baleful no points and a number of problems. If that is the case, the uk has opted for say goodbye to high for everything in Singapore, with the best result of his career, and long.

An output absolutely chaotic by before he made the eleventh position on the grid of the british pilot became a sixth one, and it improved even more after the Safety Car, taking advantage of their tyre advantage to pass the Mercedes of Valtteri Bottas. Having begun to tire of rain extreme, this will put you at a disadvantage for when the track is dry out, but the accident of Kvyat he more than compensated for. Unfortunately for him, both Bottas as Sainz will exceeded when changing tires, but the british knew how to hold off Stoffel Vandoorne, and the subsequent abandonment of his companion, gave him the sixth final position, improving with a lot of tenth place in Malaysia 2016.

Palmer showed relieved by the good result a posteriori, highlighting the choice of tires to start the race: “I’m very happy, it has been a long time, but today everything has gone down. It has been a difficult race with the drama at the beginning and the heavy rain, but the circumstances have put us in a good position to score some points. I think that we made the right decision by putting the wet tyres, the pace was good at the beginning. Has passed everything, multiple Safety Cars, a career that has lasted two hours, and so many different strategies that I’ve lost count”.

Palmer was the one who most lengthened his pit stop to put dry tires, and in spite of this, commented that “the track still slid and was very complicated. Vandoorne tried to cazarme, but he stopped, and then I was able to open up a gap. We had the bad luck that Sainz we pass during the Safety Car, but we have also benefited from the mistakes of others”. With its status as a pilot officer in serious danger, his final words are a declaration of intentions: “We had a good strategy, good stops, and the car has gone well in wet conditions. The next race should be even better”.

The curse of the podium continues to Hülkenberg


All the good fortune she enjoyed Palmer turned gray with a Nico Hülkenberg that he could not avoid entering the history books by surpassing former team-mate Adrian Sutil as the driver with the most races without having climbed a podium in the history of Formula 1, 129. And near was able to avoid it, to be third party after check-out. After passing Bottas and Sainz at the first stop, the German pressure on the Spanish to regain the position at the second stop, and even got to get close to Bottas.

unfortunately for him, in his third and final stop during the Safety Car caused by Marcus Ericsson, an apparent hydraulic problem cost him several positions, and finished by putting an end to your day a few times after. His only statements came through official channels: “the race was very disappointing, we put a lot of work over the weekend, and then these things happen. It is not great, but it is a technical sport and a team sport”.