Palmer looks more outside than inside the F1: “I Just want to enjoy competing”


The Formula 1 not for and, generally, does not condone, which has led to Jolyon Palmer to have many options of leaving it at the end of this season. The british pilot has offered a performance very poor and only a good performance in Singapore has allowed him to make up a little of your background points, which up to that race, it was non-existent.

As a result, Palmer will be replaced by Carlos Sainz in 2018, something that the team tried to make since in the Grand Prix of Malaysia giving the british an indemnity that the latter did not accept.

therefore, it is expected that Palmer played the five races remaining and, while that happens, look for other options to continue to compete. “If I am out of F1 at the end of the year, then it will open a new chapter and I will put all my effort in it long-term. I think F1 is fantastic and I would love to keep it, but each year you find yourself on a thin line -except if you’re one of the riders pointers-each year you are under pressure”.


The brilliant sixth place Palmer in Singapore came late, with Carlos Sainz and already contracted for 2018.

therefore, to Jolyon Palmer not he is obsessed with following in the Formula 1 and sets as a priority to find a place in another competition that you can have peace of mind during a long period of time. “I Just want something that enjoy competing and that it is in the long term”.

The only seat that Palmer could opt in Formula 1 is the second of Williams, therefore, is still a vacancy at McLaren will be for Fernando Alonso and the Sauber’s and Toro Rosso are out of your reach. “as far as I know, I think that there is an open seat and there are several candidates. It is an option, but not pujaré for it. I’ll do the best I can and we’ll see how it develops throughout, the rest, I don’t know”, said Palmer, aware that the decision in Williams has narrowed it down to three names: Kubica, Di Resta and Massa.