Panasonic anticipates at CES 2017 inside the autonomous car of the future

Panasonic has been
another of the large companies that have dared to present at CES 2017 a
concept that show us his particular vision of how it will be in the car
of the future. And more specifically, what Panasonic has tried to depict in this
quirky design is the aspect and opportunities offered by the autonomous car
that circulate on the roads in the coming decades. As you might expect,
the connectivity and interactivity will be the order of the day.

Panasonic CES 2017

The concept that Panasonic has unveiled at the CES 2017, to anticipate the interior of the autonomous car of the future.

Panasonic “Autonomous Cabin” Concept gives us an insight that the driving autonomous is the most common in a few years. The technology company japanese has created a cabin which combines different functions of a social network with a totally technological and interactive to enjoy the journey as much solo as with our family and friends.

Each passenger already this concept rules out the figure of the driver you have your own tablet to access and make use of all kinds of systems, services, and tools that make more enjoyable the journey and enjoy the ride. These grandes tablets for each of the four passengers have 4K resolution and are part of an interactive display larger located in a central position.

In the video you can see at the end of this article the company nippon shows us even how it is possible to enjoy a session of board games to digital to make more entertaining the journey. On the other hand, each tablet can also detect certain objects “smart”. For example, if you put a drink on top of the screen, the system will display “off” the information to avoid that the object to us blocking the view.

Panasonic CES 2017

According to Panasonic, in the interior of the autonomous car of the future each occupant will have their particular “tablet”.

through the system of info-entertainment, the occupants will be able to modify the ambient temperature of the cabin, the lighting, or play a movie. All this is “seasoned” with a few side windows that double as augmented reality and react with the exterior of the vehicle. They can also provide useful information about the weather (rain, wind, snow or temperature outside).

on the other hand, and although to the naked eye it appears that the passenger compartment of the Panasonic “Autonomous Cabin” Concept is made of wood or other similar materials, the truth is that the japanese company has used a special plastic own. Such material provides the ability to support touch controls and backlight to display information in the same way that you would on a conventional display.

And although Panasonic has not entered into details about the technology driving autonomous that incorporates this concept, it advances us that much of the items that are displayed here are already in a testing phase advanced.

Panasonic “Autonomous Cabin” Concept.