Panasonic unveils at CES 2017 your new HUD with augmented reality

in Addition to the concept of Panasonic in the company
technology shows us their particular vision of how the interior of the
cars are autonomous in the future, has also made known to other
interesting developments in the CES 2017
as the new generation of your system
HUD (Head Up Display)
. According To Panasonic,
this new HUD is one of the most advanced in the world as it makes use of the
technology of augmented reality.

Panasonic HUD CES 2017

Panasonic has unveiled at the CES 2017, the new generation of your HUD.

Thanks to this, the driver can receive a larger amount of information by adding to what he perceives himself with the data and images that the HUD projects onto the windshield of the vehicle. All of this in the “line of sight” to ensure that the information is displayed in the right place to avoid distractions while driving.

As we can see in the pictures that accompany this article, Panasonic has made the demonstration of its new Head-Up Display in a Renault Twizy adapted for the occasion. With the small electric vehicle French technology company, shows us the possibilities that offers this interesting system for driving and, in short, the security behind the wheel.

One of the main keys of the new generation of the HUD Panasonic is that you can warn the driver of potential dangers on the road. In addition, the system also replaces the box of instruments is conventional, so that eliminates some of the physical controls of the vehicle. Since the speedometer up to, in this case, the state of charge of the battery of the Renault Twizy.

Panasonic HUD CES 2017

The new HUD Panasonic makes use of augmented reality technology.

despite the fact that the HUD has a very compact dimensions, is capable of to project a large image on the windscreen in the driver’s line of vision to perceive at a distance of 10 meters from the vehicle. In total, the system makes use of eight cameras (front, rear, night, side, and others that analyze the eyes and head of the driver). All of these cameras analyze their own road while which detect the position of the driver and his eyes to show pictures of augmented reality.

Panasonic expects that this technology will serve to to avoid potential distractions behind the wheel and therefore make it more pleasant, safe and comfortable driving. Although, for the moment, the company has not stated when we will see this technology in the market, have been highlighted in the press conference of CES 2017 that are anxious to enter it “in the near future”.