Panta, pilots association and other news in the WRC


a Week prior to the Rally Mexico and the WRC moves on many fronts. The margin of the test that Volkswagen, Hyundai and M-Sport have completed their test in Spain to prepare for this particular rally, several things have changed in the bosom of the World. The first and most important is the arrival of a technical partner for a lot of weight. Panta Distribuzione is the new official supplier of fuel to the WRC to the equipment priority of the championship and for the category WRC2 and WRC3 in each of the rallies. This Italian company is a subsidiary of MOL Group.

This agreement for several seasons with Panta Distribuzione has caught by surprise to many. And is that in the background is the a contested decision if we take into account that there are teams that have agreements with other oil. Without going more far, Hyundai has signed a technical agreement with Shell and Citro├źn Racing, even if it is through PH-Sport, also has a contract with Total. In addition and despite his wealth of experience with over 25 years working in various championships, Panta Distribuzione starred in one bad experience in the Championship of Spain of Rallies of Asphalt (WAX).

The margin of the arrival of Panta Distribuzione, the peculiar situation prevailing in the Rally of Sweden is still kicking. Although it was a topic talked about, within the meaning of this situation there is a firm proposal to create an Association of Pilots of the WRC, so that in the future pilots can have a voice and vote in decisions that affect their own interests. In Mexico, drivers and the FIA will talk to address this issue in a meeting in which will be Eric Camilli, who will return to work with Benjamin, and Villas as co-pilot. After two rallies and two accidents, Camilli has abstained from Nicolas Klinger.