Paralyze temporarily the production of the Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang 2016a few days Ago we reported of what was the sports most sold in our country, being the same in this past month of September than in all the previous months of the last year, that is to say, Ford Mustang. However, whether it is the sports model most requested in our country does not mean it is in all the world, having had to stop the production of the muscle car par excellence during this week.

In the united States, the main market for the Ford Mustang, it doesn’t seem to go so well with the model of the horse. In fact, the indexes of sales of the Chevrolet Camaro have been larger than the Mustang, declining sales of the model a Ford in a 32 % for the month of September of 2015, while in the first nine months of the year the decline already the mark at a rate of 9.3 %, compared with the first nine months of 2015.

Ford MustangTo the american company blue oval will accumulate units in stock, producing quite a few more units that are sold. They say the experts in the field of logistics, automotive the ideal is to have a reserve stock of 60 days, and Ford had reserves to provide for 89 days at the end of last month, according to Detroit News. That’s why this Monday, the Michigan plant where it produces the mythical american model does not open its doors, remaining closed until the next day October 17, .

According to seems, the reason why Chevrolet surpassed Ford in the “chop” that both brands have with their two muscle cars it was for a greater amount of money in the discounts on the purchase every model of Chevrolet, leaving enough benefited the customer that he finally got a Camaro. It is expected that Ford hit him back soon with further discounts to your local customers.

Sources – Bloomberg and The Detroit News