Paris 2016: Citroën CXperience Concept, a prototype with the technology of the future


Citroën wants to be disruptive and innovative, characteristics that have always been very present in the history of the double chevron. With these intentions and arrives at the Paris Salon 2016 this Citroën CXperience Concept, a futuristic prototype that has not only relevance due to its design, but also for its hybrid technology plug-in and because it is a preview of the new suspension, which will come to the production models of the brand.

His name brings us back to a classic of the brand, the Citroën CX: 4,85 meters in length, to 1.37 metres in height and two meters in width, this Citroën CXperience is a saloon of vast size, which at once reminds one of a coupe. In his three meters of battle hosts some alloy wheels of 22 inches and four spacious interior squares of the individual, with rear door opening reverse no B-pillar in your body.


On its front, the grille has continuity with thin LED headlights, while its panoramic roof merges with the rear window concave, coupled to a C-pillar of inspiration fastback. Your engine is a plug-in hybrid, combining a block of gasoline with a power situated between the 150 HP and 200 HP, coupled to an electric motor of 108 HP (80 kW): their batteries can be charged in 2.5 hours, and enable operation 100% electric, with a maximum autonomy of up to 60 kilometers.

The total power can reach up to 300 HP, and the automatic change of eight-speed in available cross is located between the two engines: the electric delivers its power exclusively to the rear axle. Still more important is that this prototype is the one in charge of inaugurating the program ‘Citroën Advanced Comfort‘, which will include the new suspension to replace the Hidractiva.

Citroën leaves the hydropneumatic suspension to adopt a suspension spring, shock absorber and stops hydraulic, that with the help of electronics will provide maximum comfort and filtering of the irregularities of the road, in addition to a large dynamic behavior in curves and turns. The ‘Advanced Comfort’ not only will this new suspension, but also a few seats especially comfortable, and a greater isolation, filtering out noise and vibration.


In his cabin, the approximation futuristic continues in the hand of a – screen digital panoramic 19-inch, together with the instrumentation projected head-up display. With an indoor environment that uses an eye-catching lemon yellow combined with dashboard and wood trim, the exterior rearview mirrors are conspicuous by their absence and are replaced by small cameras side, accompanied by a vision camera and 360 degree.

This prototype has been created to show the hypothetical style that would have a new model of the mark located halfway between the D and E segments, but beyond that, the design language employed, we cannot help ask ourselves if among the immediate plans of Citroën figure a new Citroën C5 -or even a Citroen C6 directly based on this prototype…