Paris 2016: news from BMW direct


Follow live developments from BMW to the Paris Salon 2016

Within a few minutes will start the press conference BMW in the Paris Salon 2016. The signature bavarian will use the meeting in paris to present at your booth all the novelties that he has prepared for this year among which stands out the presentation of the new compact SUV BMW X2 with a design very dynamic and unique. Witness the World Premier of the new model of BMW through this live streaming that will start shortly before 12:45 local time. Don’t miss it!

As we have already indicated, the main attraction of this year at the stand of BMW is the new X2. The compact SUV will be presented in the form of a prototype very close to its production version, which will arrive at dealers in the course of 2017. The X2 will be based on the BMW X1, this means that it shares the platform UKL, but is distinguished by having a more dynamic atmosphere with an attractive, drop ceiling, greater musculature and headlights design that is more risky. Something like the difference between a BMW X3 and BMW X4, but in the format, and price reduced.

The new BMW X2 will be available with front-wheel-drive serial and four wheel xDrive for versions higher. Your mechanics will be directly inherited from his brother the X1 and the minivan 2-Series Active Tourer with the propellers of three and four-cylinder, gasoline and diesel, of power ratings between 136 and 231 CV. Later would come a variant hybrid plug-in and yl top-line in cooperation with the division ///M whose power would be around 300 HP.

Will there be more new BMW in Paris?

What we insurance. The star of the Paris Salon for BMW will be, without a doubt, this X2, but it will not be the only novelty or much less. During the press conference we will learn of many others that may not be so spectacular but that will help to take a look and define part of the future of the German mark in terms of design and technology. Among them will be present the facelift of the BMW 3 Series GT and the MINI John Cooper Works Clubman 2017 with 231 HP and awd.