Parked for 6 hours and your car and this parking charged 5.312€: invoice parking is most expensive in the world

it Is very advisable to check the rates of the parking lot before leaving parked our car. That avoids surprises, charges sometimes abusive. Still, I am convinced that no one is expected to pay more than€ 5,000 for only six hours parking. But that is precisely what happened to Manish Wadhwani, a driver who parked his car in the parking lot of London to go with her family to the festival Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, and found the exit with a bill that amounted to 3.731 pounds (exactly 5.312€ at the current exchange rate).

The driver reserved parking throughout the day for a little more than 7€, and was met with a bill of 5.312€ / try to climb the barrier.

The situation is even more disturbing. Manish I had booked a car park, with an offer that allowed you to park all day for only 5 pounds (7,12€). A really cost effective price. His surprise came when, while trying to confirm the departure with its corresponding ticket, he found that the bill amounted to 3.731 lb (

The problem could still get worse more, in both the company running the parking lot said it was not possible to cancel the operation. And to exceed the balance of your credit card would still have to face a higher cost, by the fees derived exceed the balance contracted.


computer systems believed that the car had been parked, from his last stay in the parking lot, for 93 days.

What happened to that one driver had to face a bill astronomical as this?

According to Manish Wadhwani, software engineer, the explanation could be in for a problem you had in August when he used that same parking lot. On that occasion I had booked parking with the same offer, but at the exit he found that the ticket was not working and could not get out of the parking lot. That day, the driver requested the assistance of an operator, who had no problem to open the barrier so that this could leave.

The problem would be in that the computer systems of the parking not to record the output, and when you get back to the parking lot, felt that the car had been there parked for a total of 93 days. The concessionaire of the parking lot, he recognizes that this could be the problem and, after the apologies are relevant, have already confirmed that they will return the money to your client.

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