Parking a Ford Mustang in the door of your house with Virtual Mustang

Virtual Mustang Ford Mustang is already rolling on Spanish roads, with the first units already delivered to their owners. If you are expecting one, or you would like to have one, Ford has launched a new free application for smartphones that allows you to get the idea of how it would be the Ford Mustang of your dreams parked in the door of your house or in any other place.

The app is called Virtual Mustang and it is free. Is available both for operating systems Android and iOS in Google Play and iTunes respectively. Using the camera of our smartphone, we can project the new Ford Mustang where we please. The system creates a Mustang in 3D taking into account the perspective and allows us to choose between the car bodies convertible and fastback, the whole range of colors and different alloy wheels.

Virtual MustangPlace the drive in at the appropriate point of the photograph can sometimes be complicated, but if we can get a result pretty .. It is possible to resize the car or rotate it to taste. Once made the photo, this is saved in the album of our phone and without leaving the App it is possible to share it on social networks as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


Source – Ford