Parking and remote gestural control: BMW led the way, KIA is willing to follow him

During the CES 2016 KIA has announced the arrival of “Drive Wise”, the label under which it will develop the technology that’s involved in the autonomous cars of the brand, but in addition, within the set of developments presented need to stand for a moment on two facets that will be present in the KIA of the immediate future: you will be able to park remotely, and your multimedia system can be controlled through gestures, an innovation that reminds us of part of those developments that we know in the BMW Series 7.

Prepare your smartwatch: you’ll be able to park and set up the multimedia system with the

KIA proposes a personal profile for the multimedia system that activaríamos through our fingerprint or our smartwatch.

as we have seen in the BMW 7-Series KIA offers us the possibility to park remotely their future cars through a smart key, but also through a smartwatch.

in Addition, the Korean company also tells us that future multimedia systems may be operated through gestures including a access by fingerprint, or the use of our smartwatch that would allow a custom interface, our preferences, our music, and even temperature, according to our tastes, an idea that also we have seen developed by the next generation of multimedia systems from Volkswagen with the exception of not using the fingerprint identification, or the use of a smartwatch.

on The sidelines of these developments let us recall that KIA aim to launch a car with features as semi-autonomous by 2020, the year in which we will get to know also a model moved by hydrogen. 10 years later, in 2030, will the cars fully autonomous of the brand.