Parking smart hand of Bosch


is it Unusual to find today a company in the motor world that it is not devoting a large amount of resources for research and development of technologies focused to the driving autonomous but the matter was not limited only to the brands of cars as this field has attracted the attention of other manufacturers like Samsung or Bosch.

this is Not the first news related with Bosch and driving autonomous and is not likely to be the last, as the German company after his many years supplying components for vehicles is currently being developed new technologies for the driving and parking to automated, or “smart parking“.

This system aims to save time and the stress that supposes to find a parking space in two ways. The first is based on sensors special installed in parking spaces and car parks reported that the square is free or occupied and the second on ultrasonic sensors installed in vehicles that detect the spaces available in an area. This information is sent and processed anonymously in the cloud Bosch T Cloud to generate digital maps of parking spaces.


This system will greatly reduce traffic jams and the pollution that they generate

drivers will be able to access these maps via the internet or GPS navigator to the vehicle and left lead directly to the plaza available nearest. This system is ready to discriminate areas that do not have parking allowed as fords, bus stops, etc…

All this is complemented with a service of which we have already spoken about previously. For to park in public places as football stadiums or the like, the driver can leave their car in a delivery zone and by using commands made via your mobile phone can indicate to the drive that locate the nearest parking lot and the car will done only without that the driver is within the same. It will also be the time to pick up the car.