Partisan One: an SUV military mounted as a Meccano with 100 year warranty

throughout the history have been produced several cars that have been left out of the design to be delivered in full to the functionality. But no site has done this so effectively as in the military world. The new Partisan One is one of the examples more clear you leave this feature of the vehicles used by the armies. What its main function? Able to be disassembled and kept in a box.

The Partisan One is the first model manufactured by a startup German to simplify the ground transportation military the maximum. Its design has been simplified to the point that it only has the two typical volume of a all-terrain: one for the engine and another for the occupants and the cargo. The reason for this appearance is to be able to transport it dismantled panel by panel to fit the largest possible number in a container.

Partisan One: a Lego military

Thanks to this quality it is possible to transport up to five of these SUV military in the space where only there are two of them mounted. Your frame is equipped with multiple anchor points to which they may be to fix the panels shielded. In addition, since it is practically a Lego or a Meccano, the manufacturer provides many versions just with add or remove components. These will range from models of different distances between the axis, pickups or even variants of six or eight wheels.

specifications have not yet been announced, but according to the manufacturer, the inherent simplicity of its design means that might remain in service for decades, allowing for updates when necessary without the need to replace the vehicle. Juri Postnikov, the engineer who is behind Partisan Motors, has the intention of to offer a guarantee of 100 years on all its models sold. Although that would mean that the company would still have to be active for then.

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